Brother Sewing Machines

Looking for Brother Sewing Machines?  

We offer a large selection of Brother sewing machines and Brother overlockers.  Some of our top selling sewing machine models include: Brother A150, Brother A16, Brother A80, Brother NV1100 Computerised, Brother PQ1500SL High speed quilting, Brother NV2600 Computerised.

Embroidery machines in our lineup include: Brother XP1 Dream machine, Brother PR1050X Commercial embroidery, Brother PR670EC commercial embroidery, Brother XV Home embroidery, Brother VM6200D Quilting and embroidery, Brother VQ3000 Quilting and embroidery.

Founded in 1908, Brother has been on the forefront of the home sewing machine industry.  In 1979, they introduced and manufactured their first computerized sewing machines called ZZ3-B820 "Opus 8".  In May 2017, Brother Industries manufactured their 60 millionth home sewing machine.


All machines are Brand New and comes with the standard manufacturer warranty.