Looking to make your ironing job much easier? Take a look at our range of Singer Steam presses.

Using a steam press uses a combination of steam, pressure, and heat to soften and then flatten your clothes or linen.  Using a steam press at home will get you that professional look and your garments will look great every time.  Iron presses will save you time if you iron a lot of linen or garments.  Looking for that crisp fold line in your linen? Then an iron press is for you.

For best results, garments or linen should be slightly damp to achieve the best results with a press. Spritzing your garment with a spray bottle set to mist will help to achieve a great finish.

Pressing your garments will take approximately half the time it takes to iron them. A good steam press also applies pressure roughly 5 times the pressure of a hand iron; making that crisp looking shirt a thing of ease.

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