Singer Parisian Dress Model Adjustable Mannequin

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GST included.

Looking for an adjustable mannequin for dress making? We have the perfect adjustable mannequin dress form for sewing.

An ideal sewing companion, this fully adjustable dress model / adjustable mannequin  allows for pattern adjustments before cutting, better fittings and alterations. Gives the ability to work creatively and see how they will drape and hang on the body.

This dress model is available in two sizes:

  • Small-Medium (SDRESSMODEL S-M PD1)
    • Bust: 84-100cm
    • Waist: 64-80cm
    • Hips: 86-102cm
  • Medium-Large (SDRESSMODEL M-L PD1)
    • Bust: 100-116cm
    • Waist: 77-93cm
    • Hips: 101-117cm

Using this adjustable mannequin will let you easily make patterns and garments for all shapes and sizes.