Singer Sewing Machines

Looking for Singer Sewing Machines?  We offer a great line-up of Singer sewing machines and overlockers. 

We also offer a selection of other Singer sewing products.

When you're deciding on your purchase, keep in mind that Sewing Machine Centre also services and repairs your machines.  We provide the full end to end customer service.  No need to contact the manufacturer directly, we will always assist you and look after you as a customer.

Singer Corporation was founded in 1851 in New York.  By 1876 they have sold 2 million Singer sewing machines.  Singer has been a trusted sewing machine brand for generations, and the iconic black Singer hand crank machines are always the machines that come to mind when thinking of a solidly built sewing machine. While the old treadle table machines are great display pieces, the new Singer electronic and mechnanical sewing machines gives you more pattern and stitch choice than ever before.


All machines are Brand New and come with the standard manufacturer warranty.

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